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Shaan Décor is a concept that was born out of my lifelong passion of all things related to art and creativity. This passion combined with the skills learnt at Management School has culminated in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which allows me to bring a unique combination of vibrant colors intertwined with masterful event management to make your event an eye-catching success.

My journey began in India starting from childhood. During that time I thrived on a local group of young girls in decorating our temple celebrations. We would spend numerous weekend hours in decorating Indian festivals, religious celebrations. I was full of ideas on including all the new art/craft techniques I had learned at home and school to bring out the best decoration so far.

Later on, after completing Masters in Management I moved to the US. Here I came across the rich heritage of Indian culture kept alive by immigrant folks. I witnessed the abundance of colors, festivals and beauty of Indian traditions. This brought back childhood memories and ignited a desire to leave a mark on the rapidly evolving event and decoration arena, especially within the Indian diaspora. After a short stint as a tax consultant at Deloitte, I realized that my true calling was Shaan Décor.

I have been fortunate to witness this business grow from a part time gig supporting close friends and family in planning birthdays/parties to professional decoration for weddings and receptions. I strive for excellence in decorating events of any size and budget. It is always my goal to fully understand the needs of my clients and combine them with my ability to incorporate unique designs. Like it is said; the only way to do great work is to do what you love. This cannot be more true than in my life. In true sense it is a profession with passion!

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